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Helps turn food into energy, Supports cell health and metabolism, Antioxidant effects, Aids in creation and repair of DNA

Vitamin D

Helps the body absorb and retain calcium and phosphorus for building strong bones, Helps reduce and control infection and inflammation


Helps produce red blood cells, Supports nerve cells, Improves energy


Supports metabolism, Fat burner, Detox, Promotes skin/hair health, Helps the body regulate/process insulin, Mood support, Supports cell energy production and DNA synthesis

Tri immunity IV/IM
$30 - $50

 (Vitamin C, Glutathione, and Zinc)

Supports immune system, Improves skin elasticity, Improves mental clarity, Rids toxins from the body, Promotes wound healing, Supports reproductive health

Glutathione IV/IM
$30 - $100

Supports immune system, Reduces cell damage, Improves skin elasticity, Brightens skin, Improves mental clarity, Rids toxins from the body

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